Consumers’ Training

Within the context of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the supervisory authorities of the Cyprus financial sector, the Central Bank of Cyprus, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Cooperative Societies’ Supervision and Development Authority and the Insurance Companies’ Control Service  of the Ministry of Finance have jointly decided to contribute towards the training of consumers on financial matters.

The financial legislation becomes more and more complex, especially following the accession of Cyprus in the European Union, and it is considered that consumers need to have access to additional information on financial matters, in order to help them tackle the issues involved in such matters.

The financial sector’s supervisory authorities have set up the Consumers’ Training Coordination Committee which has prepared a series of articles on a wide range of interesting topics  which are published herein below and on the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission.


  • The Central Bank of Cyprus (October 2007) (Currently available only in Greek)
  • Summary Table of financial services and financial products (June 2006) (Currently available only in Greek)
  • Advice on the safe use of credit and debit cards (June 2006) (Currently available only in Greek)
  • Advice on the IBAΝ (June 2006) (Currently available only in Greek)