Legal Disclaimers

1. The Innovation Hub’s views are non-binding and aim to provide informal support to participants to matters that fall within the CBC’s competences. These views do not constitute legal advice or formal opinions or decisions and should not be treated as a substitute for such.

2. In light of the informal and non-binding nature of the views of the Innovation Hub, the CBC shall not be liable for any views provided to a participant.

3. Any view expressed by the Innovation Hub is based solely on the information submitted by the participant and is specific to the circumstances of that case, whereas it is subject to change depending on future developments (such as new or amending legislation).

4. The Innovation Hub’s view on a specific solution, service or business model shall not be considered as an approval, rejection or endorsement. Official decisions of the CBC are taken by its competent bodies as provided in the applicable legislation. The views of the Innovation Hub do not affect the competencies of the CBC and/or the ECB (in relation to authorised credit institutions) on the basis of the applicable legal framework, including, inter alia the duty to undertake regulatory or supervisory action and the procedures related to granting authorisation. Hence, engagement with the Innovation Hub does not absolve any participant from their responsibility to comply with the legal framework and regulatory requirements.

5. Communication with Innovation Hub participants will be classified and handled as confidential. The participants may not use their participation or any views expressed by the Innovation Hub as a means of promotion and/or marketing of their company or services. Such view may not be shared with any other party (either in part or in full) without the CBC’s expressed written permission. It is clarified that this does not prevent the participant disclosing the statement to their legal advisers or auditors provided due attention is drawn to this disclaimer.