European Banking Authority EU-wide Transparency exercise 2013 (16 December 2013)

The Central Bank of Cyprus notes the announcement made today by the European Banking Authority (the “EBA”) regarding the information of the EU-wide Transparency Exercise 2013 and fulfilment of the EBA Board of Supervisors decision.

Background of the EBA 2013 EU-wide Transparency Exercise

In May 2013, the EBA adjusted the timeline for the next EU-wide stress test so as to conduct the exercise in 2014, once the asset quality reviews are completed. However, to ensure transparency, through assuring a sufficient and appropriate level of information for market participants, as well as comparability over the years, the EBA’s Board of Supervisors decided to provide, in the second half of 2013, appropriate disclosure on the actual exposures of the EU banking sector. The form and scope of the transparency exercise was agreed by the Board of Supervisors in its October 2013 meeting.

The sample of the transparency exercise includes 64 banks and for each of them the following information was collected for disclosure:

I.                 Composition of capital

II.               Composition of Risk Weighted Assets by risk type

III.             Exposures to sovereigns (central, regional and local governments) in EEA (direct and indirect exposures by maturity buckets and country)

IV.            Credit risk exposures (defaulted and non-defaulted) and Risk Weighted Assets by country with breakdowns for Institutions, Commercial Real Estate, Retail and Corporate

V.              Loan to Value per portfolio, value adjustments and provisions

VI.            Market risk and securitisation exposures

Analytical information is shown below together with a link to the bank’s announcement.

Results of Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd

Link to Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd webpage

Link to the European Banking Authority webpage