SSM Supervisory processes (IMAS Portal) - For Significant Supervised Institutions only

Via the IMAS Portal of the European Central Bank (“ECB”), significant entities directly supervised by the ECB, can submit information related to supervisory processes, track the status of such processes and exchange information with supervisors. 

The process currently available is the Fit and Proper (FAP) assessment.

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1. Useful information for significant supervised entities applicable from 15 December 2022:

  • In the ECB’s website in the above link, significant supervised entities can also find the terms of use of the IMAS Portal, the regime of use per country and user guidance.
  • The FAP questionnaire is uniform in all member states participating in the SSM, as far as its core part is concerned. At the same time, the questionnaire contains certain national specificities that also need to be taken into account during its completion.
  • The FAP questionnaire on the IMAS Portal contains mandatory fields that must be filled-in before the FAP questionnaire can be submitted. In case a mandatory field is not applicable, please insert N/A.
  • As from 15 December 2022, Cyprus significant entities which are directly supervised by the ECB, are required to submit all their FAP questionnaires through the IMAS Portal, in order to contribute to the goal of digitalisation and efficiency.

At the same time, as from 15 December 2022, significant supervised entities, no longer need to submit the FAP Questionnaires to the Central Bank of Cyprus (“CBC”) by email, as was the practice until now.  These entities should still need to send an email to notifying the CBC of the submission of the Questionnaire on the IMAS Portal, stating therein the date of submission, the name and surname of the appointee and the proposed position.

Notwithstanding the above, the originals of all documents must be kept at the registered office of the significant entity and the supervisors reserve the right to request their submission or inspect them at any time.

2.    To download a PDF format of the FAP Questionnaire for significant supervised entities, please use this (link ).

3.    The CBC announcement dated 16 July 2021 (link) will no longer be applicable to significant supervised entities with effect from 15 December 2022.

Page last updated 9 November 2022