Securities lending under the expanded asset purchase programme

On 2 April 2015, the Governing Council of the ECB decided that bonds acquired by Eurosystem members under the PSPP should be made available for lending in a decentralised manner. The Governing Council’s aim is to support bond and repo market liquidity without disrupting normal repo market activity.

In this context, the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) makes available for lending its PSPP holdings, as well as PSPP eligible SMP holdings and CBPP3 holdings, by participating in Euroclear’s strategic lending facitity (GC Access) and fails mitigation facility (SLB). Counterparties are advised to contact Euroclear for terms and conditions.

The list of ISINs of PSPP eligible holdings is updated on a weekly basis and can be found below.

More information on the general APP securities lending framework can be found on the ECB's website, including aggregated data on the securities lending activity of the Eurosystem.

Date Published: 24/02/2020

21-02-20 ISINs Available for Lending

Date Published: 30/12/2015


For more information please contact CBC at