The Cyprus Economy - Historical Review, Prospects, Challenges

The topics discussed in this book fall within the CBC’s key areas of focus. The book covers the evolution of the Cyprus economy from 1960, i.e. the island's independence, until today and explores its current challenges and future prospects. It elaborates on issues such as the balance of payments, inflation, the country’s European path, unemployment, public finance, the financial sector, monetary and exchange rate policies, economic forecasts, the real estate market and the portfolios of Cypriot households.

Authors: Economic Research Department, Central Bank of Cyprus

Language: Greek and English

Publisher: Central Bank of Cyprus

ISBN (electronic format) 978-9963-9303-7-1

Year: 2012

Available from: Central Bank of Cyprus, 80 Kennedy Avenue, 1076 Nicosia, Cyprus

English edition available in pdf format only.

Date Published: 21/12/2012

The Cyprus Economy - Historical Review, Prospects, Challenges