ECB surveys Europeans on new themes for euro banknotes

Friday, 14 July 2023

The Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) informs that the European Central Bank (ECB) surveys Europeans on new themes for euro banknotes.

ECB President Christine Lagarde invites everybody to participate in the survey. She said in the press release by the ECB that “There is a strong link between our single currency and our shared European identity, and our new series of banknotes should emphasise this. We want Europeans to identify with the design of euro banknotes, which is why they will play an active role in selecting the new theme.”

Similarly, the Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus, Mr. Constantinos Herodotou, emphasised: "The euro is a common European heritage and power in our hands. Today, we, the Cypriot citizens, like the rest of the Europeans, have a say in the future formation of our banknotes. In view of the release of the new euro banknotes, we can participate in the pan-European survey to express our preference for the proposed themes. An initiative by the European Central Bank that emphasises the strength of our European identity.

Have your say on our new banknotes here.”

For the ECB Press Release and related survey, please click here.