Friday, 17 February 2023

The Central Bank of Cyprus (‘‘CBC’’) informs the public, businesses and, more specifically, depositors that the entity under the name ‘‘TURKISH INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT BANK’’, to which reference is made in a website, is not licenced by the CBC to operate as a credit institution, nor as a Representative Office of a credit institution in the Republic of Cyprus, in accordance with the provisions of the Business of Credit Institutions Laws. For this entity, the CBC had in the past referred the matter to the Police, that resulted in the deletion of its illegal website.

The CBC urges the public, businesses and depositors, before conducting business with unknown to the general public credit institutions or Representative Offices of credit institutions, to consult its website and specifically:

(i) the Register of Credit Institutions operating in Cyprus and

(ii) the Register of Representative Offices in the Republic of Cyprus (Central Bank of Cyprus - Establishment of Representative Offices in Cyprus by banks established in other countries)

in order to ascertain the credit institutions and the Representative Offices that are operating legally in the Republic of Cyprus.