O-SII capital buffer for Other Systemically Important Institutions - Credit institutions

The Central Bank of Cyprus, in accordance with its policy for the designation of Other Systemically Important Institutions (O-SII institutions) and the methodology for the determination of the O-SII buffer requirement, concluded on 2 December 2022 its annual reassessment of the designation of credit institutions that meet the definition of O-SII institutions.  In accordance with the CBC's reassessment, six credit institutions have been designated as O-SII institutions, which are listed in the Table below along with the corresponding O-SII capital buffer rate each must meet.

Institution’s name LEI code Total O-SII score
(Basis points)
Total O-SII capital buffer requirement O-SII buffer requirement applicable as of 1 January:
2022 2023
Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd PQ0RAP85KK9Z75ONZW93           3.308 1,50% 1,250% 1,50%
Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd CXUHEGU3MADZ2CEV7C11           2.306 1,00% 0,875% 1,00%
Eurobank Cyprus Ltd 5493004KSNEM4U7L8714           1.662 0,75% 0,625% 0,75%
Astrobank Ltd 549300VB6UM9TUOCYW67              510 0,25% 0,250% 0,25%
Αlpha Bank Cyprus Ltd 529900VS0F7BA91P4I60              493 0,25% 0,250% 0,25%
RCB Bank Ltd* 253400EBCBBVB9TUHN50              930 0,50% 0,375% 0,50%

* Following the relevant decision by the European Central Bank (“ECB”) that was published on 22 December 2022, the banking licence of RCB Bank Ltd has been revoked. Consequently, RCB Bank Ltd is not considered an O-SII institution after this date. 


Information relating to the designation of credit institutions which meet the definition of O-SII institutions that took place in previous years, is set out in this file.